We are faithful to our philosophy of the best inks.

When expertise and passion for quality meet

There’s a whole set of reasons why Epple printing inks are iconic. They have a global reputation in the graphics industry for expertise, precision processes, customised solutions and unmatched printing results. Our company’s particular characteristic arises from a certain intrinsic value – our drive to generate maximum benefits from a printing ink. At Epple technology, experience, dedication and speedy results merge to bring about outstanding products just like the philosophy we embrace – the Essence of Passion. Those are the ingredients that make a product experience out of inks and illuminate trademarks in their own glow.

We have our own research laboratory with acknowledged experts who develop inks and paints such as UV LE and LED paints that set the environmental standards of tomorrow today. We regularly come up with trend setting colour series that not only packaging and job printing, but also branded companies profit from, be it through formulations from raw materials licensed for use in foodstuffs or with our special inks that will impress you with unparalleled radiance and contrasts. Printing inks as the essence of passion and commitment – that’s Epple.